When people hear about CPR, AED's and First Aid, they get very overwhelmed.

They think it's very complicated and are worried about messing up or forgetting what to do. ⠀

Here's the thing, they have international committees that review the information and techniques every 5 years. They do this to ensure the information and techniques are as easy as possible for people to learn.⠀

It's important to remember that 911 is available and is one of the steps in performing CPR, so even if you are alone, you do have help ❤️⠀

Some FAQ:⠀

  • 1 1. Who should take a CPR class? Anyone and everyone. Everyone should know the basics, just in case a medical emergency happens in your family.
  • 2 What if I do CPR and the person dies? Can they sue me?⠀No, they can't. In Canada, you are covered under the Good Samaritan act.⠀
  • 3 What if I don't feel safe doing CPR, do I still need to do it? No! One of the tenets from the Heart & Stroke association is that if you feel unsafe, don't put yourself in harms way. Only do CPR if the situation is safe. They don't want 2 injured people.
  • 4 Do I have to give mouth to mouth to a stranger?⠀No, you don't. If you don't have a pocket mask and don't feel comfortable, you don't have to give mouth to mouth. ⠀
  • 5 What if I break their ribs? That can and most likely will happen. Your job isn't to break their ribs, but you are providing deep compressions to compress the heart, therefore you might break their ribs. ⠀

The more you know, the less intimidated you'll be. If you would like to take a CPR & Choking workshop, I've just posted more dates until September!!!⠀

I am an RN and a certified Heart & Stroke instructor. My classes are 90 mins long and I review CPR & Choking for baby, child and adult, along with how to use an AED. I also send you a PDF of the material covered in class, to keep as a reference. ⠀

I also offer:⠀⠀

  • Private in-home option⠀⠀
  • Certification/Recertification⠀⠀
  • Health care provider recertification⠀⠀

For more information or to register, click on link.

Good luck, Mamas!

- Agnes (MamaBear)

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Hi, I'm Agnes Mayer, owner of MamaBear Holistic Care. I am a Mama, wife, and RN with over 13 years of experience working in labour and delivery. I use my experience to support Mamas in whatever part of motherhood they find themselves in, whether they are newly pregnant or they have a toddler in need of sleep support. My goal is to guide you through motherhood and make it as easy of a transition as possible.

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