Being a new parent is hard under normal circumstances but now with this Pandemic, it's even more difficult, scary and isolating.

  • With us all self-isolating, the risk of Postpartum Depression increases
  • No more visits to meet the newborn
  • No more grandparents snuggling the baby
  • No baby showers
  • no one helping with laundry, dinner

Even though we are self-isolating, there are many ways to help new parents, whether it's their 1st or 4th baby, because all new parents need support.

  • Reach out to any friends or family members that have just had a baby
  • Ask how you can support them
  • Don't just reach out the first few days, but make sure you check in often
  • Grandparents can still meet the new baby via Zoom or FaceTime or Skype
  • Set up a "virtual" baby shower or meet and greet for your friend or family member
  • Order dinner and have it delivered to them
  • Offer to get groceries for them
  • Listen to their concerns and validate their feelings because being a new parent during this Pandemic is very different and very overwhelming.

I know that this is a very scary time. You have many questions and concerns. Please don't hesitate to reach out or share this with a Mama that could use some support ❤️

You are not alone ❤️ Sending you all a virtual hug and please stay healthy ❤️

Good luck, Mamas!

- Agnes (MamaBear)

About Agnes Mayer

Hi, I'm Agnes Mayer, owner of MamaBear Holistic Care. I am a Mama, wife, and RN with over 13 years of experience working in labour and delivery. I use my experience to support Mamas in whatever part of motherhood they find themselves in, whether they are newly pregnant or they have a toddler in need of sleep support. My goal is to guide you through motherhood and make it as easy of a transition as possible.

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