What is a tongue-tie? A tongue-tie is where the tissue that connects your tongue to bottom of the mouth is short, tight or thick.

This can cause your baby's tongue to have difficulties moving and can cause challenges for breastfeeding. Although, not every baby that has a tongue-tie has issues breastfeeding.

Things to keep an eye out for if you suspect your baby of having a tongue-tie:

  • Difficulty getting and maintaining an effective deep latch
  • Making a clicking sound when feeding
  • Difficulty gaining weight
  • Baby not satisfied when he/she comes off the breast
  • Your nipple is lip-stick shaped or has a line going across it
  • Your nipple is cracked, bruised or blistered
  • Breasfeeding is very painful and the pain doesn't go away after a few sucks
  • Decrease in milk supply or a challenge to increase your supply
  • Engorgement or reoccuring plugged ducts, indicating an inability to effectively transfer milk

If you notice any of the above issues, here are things that you can do to help improve the latch:

  • Make a nipple sandwich by compressing your breast. This can help your baby get a deeper latch and transfer milk more effectively.
  • Try a different position. Sometimes a different position can help baby latch deeper.
  • A nipple shield can help your baby transfer milk more efficiently. And it can also allow your nipples time to heal.
  • You may need to pump in order to help maintain your supply or increase it, until baby learns to latch deeper. Pumping can also help give your breasts a much needed break and allow your nipples time to heal.

Mamas, a tongue-tie doesn't necessarily mean that your baby won't be able to breastfeed. If you've tried the above tips and/or you suspect a tongue-tie, please reach out to myself or to a Lactation Consultant to do a thorough assessment. As I stated above, sometimes it's just a matter of working on a deeper latch, but sometimes a Frenectomy is required. This is when a pediatric dentist lasers the tongue-tie. Please remember that even after a Frenectomy is done, you will need follow up to learn how to latch your baby deeper.


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Good luck, Mamas!

- Agnes (MamaBear)

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