What is a lovie?

A lovie is a stuffy or blanket that your child uses to give them comfort ❤️⠀

When is it safe to introduce a lovie?⠀

When they are able to roll over. This way if the lovie ends up covering their face, they have the strength to push it off of themselves.⠀

What can you use as a lovie?

Anything that is soft without parts your child can choke on.

* Make sure you purchase more than one and keep them in the closet, just in case you lose one. Although the new one won't smell or feel like the old one, it's better than nothing *⠀

When should you introduce a lovie?

Once you're child is able to roll over, pick a soft stuffie/blanket, name it, rub it on your chest so it smells like you, then have it beside them when they are feeding. Bring it everywhere with you. It's like a second child. Soon your child will develop a bond to it and the lovie will become a surrogate you, so that when they are sleeping and wake up, they see their lovie, smell it and fall back to sleep.⠀

It may take your child months to develop a bond to it, but you'll be glad they did.

Is a child ever too old to have a lovie?⠀

I don't believe a child is ever too old to have a lovie. I still sleep with a Care Bear. As long as it comforts your child and helps them sleep, who cares. I know many adults, men and women that sleep with a lovie.⠀

Good luck, Mamas!

- Agnes (MamaBear)

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Hi, I'm Agnes Mayer, owner of MamaBear Holistic Care. I am a Mama, wife, and RN with over 13 years of experience working in labour and delivery. I use my experience to support Mamas in whatever part of motherhood they find themselves in, whether they are newly pregnant or they have a toddler in need of sleep support. My goal is to guide you through motherhood and make it as easy of a transition as possible.

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