☀️ Car Seat safety and Summer ☀️⠀

Did you know that:⠀

➡️ within 20 min the temperature in a previously air-conditioned car can exceed 50ºC⠀
➡️ within 40 min the temperature can get up to 65.5 ºC⠀

Read below as I share some safety tips on how to keep your baby/child cool and safe during the hot Summer months.

  • Open all the windows and get the air circulating before placing your child into the car. If you have air conditioning, this will also help get the cool air circulating before placing your child in the hot car seat.⠀
  • When purchasing a car seat, pick one that is breathable and has ventilation panels to help keep the car seat cooler.
  • Make sure your baby is not overdressed.They don't need layers on a hot summer day. A simple onesie is enough or a t-shirt and shorts is perfect for an older child.
  • Park in a shaded area.
  • Make sure your baby/child is well hydrated. For a baby breastmilk/formula is enough, for older children make sure they have plenty of water to drink. ⠀

🚫 According to the CPSAC (Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada) it is not safe to use the suction cup window shades, as they are not regulated, and can actually cause harm during a car accident.⠀

🚫 Don't cover your car seat in the stroller with a heavy blanket. ⠀

🚫 Never leave your baby/child along in the car, even if the windows are open.⠀


Good luck, Mamas!

- Agnes (MamaBear)

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