Sleep tips to cope with hot summer nights

Wouldn't it be great if we could all sleep like this baby during the hot summer?

We all look forward to summer arriving, however what we don't enjoy are the sweltering nights where we can't sleep. The hot nights are especially challenging for our kids, and any time their sleep is affected, so is ours!!!

Here are 7 sleep tips to help your kids sleep and remember Mamas, these sleep tips also apply to us.

  • 1 Make sure your child’s room is very dark. You want their room to be as dark at 1pm as it would be at 1am. If you need to, tape garbage bags onto the windows. That works wonders.
  • 2 Close the blinds in your child's room in the early afternoon. If your child's room is facing West, you will want to close their blinds in the early afternoon. This will help keep their room from getting too hot. Keep their window open to allow for some fresh air. (Remember to make sure that your child can not crawl out the window)
  • 3 Use a sound machine. Using a sound machine will help block out the transient noises from outside and help your child sleep.
  • 4 Use light weight cotton sheets. This will help keep your child cool in the night. Also using a light blanket versus a big comforter will help keep them cooler.
  • 5 Cool down in a kiddie pool before bedtime. Fill up your kiddie pool with cool water before bedtime. This will help cool your child down before bedtime.
  • 6 Stick to your bedtime routine. This will help keep bedtime on track and will help your child sleep.
  • 7 Stay hydrated during the day. Make sure your child drinks lots of water during the day. Being dehydrated can keep your child from sleeping at night.

Check out my appearance on Global Morning News where I discuss tips to help your kids sleep during the hot summer months.

Good luck mamas!

- Agnes (MamaBear)

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