Sleep training is about developing new habits

Research tells us that it takes 21 days to establish new habits.⠀

It's the same with babies learning how to sleep. We expect them to learn overnight a brand new skill, and that's unrealistic. We can't expect them to learn new habits overnight, when it takes us on average 21 days to establish a new habit.⠀

Learning to sleep and connecting their sleep cycles is a new habit. When you're learning a new habit the key is consistency. The more consistent you are, the quicker you will learn. It's no different with babies. They need consistency in order for them to develop good sleep habits.

This means teaching them the skills they need in order to:⠀

  • Put themselves to sleep independently without the use of a sleep prop
  • Learn to connect their sleep cycles
  • Have effective naps
  • Not wake up at 4am and think it's morning⠀

We have to stop normalizing bad sleep habits. It's not good for your baby and it's good for you.

How do you feel when you haven't gotten enough sleep? It's no different for your child. They need sleep in order for their brains to develop properly and for them to thrive.

Click this link to read more about how sleep deprivation can adversely affect your baby's/child's development.

Imagine being able to put your baby/child down to sleep and you can have an uninterrupted evening with your spouse? Imagine getting a full nights sleep! Imagine having some time to yourself! This is what you'll have once you teach your baby/child how to sleep. You don't have to live in a sleep deprived state!

PS... You get support from a Registered Nurse for 2 weeks. So if you have questions about anything, I can help you. 

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If you're ready for your baby/child to learn to fall asleep independently, connect their sleep cycles, have regular naps and not wake up at 4am, email me at or click on this link

Good luck, Mamas!

- Agnes (MamaBear)

About Agnes Mayer

Hi, I'm Agnes Mayer, owner of MamaBear Holistic Care. I am a Mama, wife, and RN with over 13 years of experience working in labour and delivery. I use my experience to support Mamas in whatever part of motherhood they find themselves in, whether they are newly pregnant or they have a toddler in need of sleep support. My goal is to guide you through motherhood and make it as easy of a transition as possible.

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