Do you struggle to get your kids to bed?

Does this sound familiar? Does it feel like Groundhog Day every night in your home?⠀

Bedtime is a very common struggle parents have with their children. I've got a couple of tips to help make bedtime less stressful for everyone:⠀

  • Establish a non-negotiable bedtime routine that lasts no more than 30 mins‼️ You make it non-negotiable because we know our children love to negotiate just one more story, just one more this and just one more that... and before you know it, it's 1.5 hrs later.
  • Bedtime routine helps prepare your child's brain and body for bed.⠀
  • You can start a bedtime routine with your baby as early as 5 weeks. ⠀
  • Be consistent.This means your bedtime routine should be the same every night. This will help teach your child what to expect and they will start to associate their bedtime routine with sleep. ⠀
  • For older children, you can make them a chart that has drawings depicting what their bedtime routine will look like. Make it fun. Lots of kids like to check things off, so when they're finished one part of the routine, they can cross it off or put a checkmark next to it. ⠀
  • For younger children, tell them what their bedtime routine will be. This will help alleviate/decrease battles at bedtime because they will know what is expected of them. ⠀
  • Make sure that your child is not overtired. An overtired child will have an increase in stress hormones and it will make bedtime even more challenging. This may mean moving their bedtime earlier. ⠀

Try these tips and soon your nights will go from a WWE match to children snug in their beds, fast asleep, without you even breaking a sweat.

Good luck, Mamas!

- Agnes (MamaBear)

About Agnes Mayer

Hi, I'm Agnes Mayer, owner of MamaBear Holistic Care. I am a Mama, wife, and RN with over 13 years of experience working in labour and delivery. I use my experience to support Mamas in whatever part of motherhood they find themselves in, whether they are newly pregnant or they have a toddler in need of sleep support. My goal is to guide you through motherhood and make it as easy of a transition as possible.

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