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travel tips

Sleep Tips when travelling with your kids

Many of us are travelling during the holidays and it can disrupt your baby’s/child’s sleep and their routine. Here are 10 tips to help your baby/child stay on track: 1 Continue with your bedtime routine Consistency will help make bedtime on vacation easier. 2 Keep their sleep space dark, as dark as it is a…


5 tips to keeping you mentally and physically healthy this Christmas

Staying healthy over the holidays can be hard, both physically and mentally. All that good eating and being sedentary can take a toll on our bodies and being with family can very much affect our mental wellbeing. Here are my 5 tips to keep you physically and mentally healthy this Christmas: 1 Go for walks…

daylight savings

The only tip you need to help your kids adjust to the fall time change

Let’s talk about the dreaded time change! Daylight savings is coming to end on Nov 3. And for us Mamas, it doesn’t mean an extra hour of sleep, it means an extra hour of parenting, and what’s worse, it means being up an extra hour earlier!!!! If your little one normally wakes at 7, that…

Car Seat

4 Tips for Choosing the Best Car Seat

It can be overwhelming to choose the perfect car seat. Did you know that in Canada there are about 176 different types of car seats? I see it all the time on different Mom’s groups, Mamas asking about which car seat is the safest. In Canada there is no “safest car seat”. All car seats…

Newborn sleep

Newborn Day & Night Confusion

Does your newborn like to party during the night and sleep during the day? It is very common for a newborn to have their day and night confused. Why? When they were growing inside of you, they slept whenever they wanted to. They didn’t have to go by anyone else’s schedule. There were no days…

Back to school

Back to school

Back to school- “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!”, so says the Staples commercial. I have mixed feelings about back to school. I like having special time with my son, just the two of us, doing fun summery things, but then again, I also enjoy having time to myself. I try to think…

Basics of pumping

Pumping 101

Pumping is a great way to help increase your milk supply, but many Mamas don’t know when they should start pumping. The earlier a Mama starts pumping, the quicker your milk will come in and the quicker you will increase your milk supply. Remember milk supply works like the economy: more demand=more supply Who should pump?…


My breastfeeding journey

As World Breastfeeding Week comes to an end, I wanted to share my breastfeeding journey, so that other Mamas know that they aren’t alone. My breastfeeding journey was anything but easy. I breastfed my son every 3 hrs or more frequently, pumped after each feed and then topped him up with formula as needed. I…


World Breastfeeding Week

Aug 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week. This year’s message is “Empower parents, enable breastfeeding”.⠀ I couldn’t agree more with this message. Studies show that the more support a Mama gets with breastfeeding, the longer she will breastfeed for. ⠀ ⠀ Many Mamas struggle alone with breastfeeding and end up quitting because they don’t have support.…