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Nutrition in pregnancy

Nutrition in Pregnancy

Nutrition in pregnancy. It can be confusing to know how much you should be eating. Remember the old saying: “You’re eating for 2”. It’s not true. You aren’t eating for 2, you are eating for 1, yourself, and your baby gets the nutrients from that.⠀ A few things to keep in mind:⠀ Some Mamas will…

Filling our children's cup

Filling our Children’s cup

A few months ago I saw a post on Facebook about giving our kids a mental break. The Mama shared that her son had had a rough day at school and they were talking and she could see that his eyes were pleading with her to just stop. She was questioning him and trying to…

MamaBear turns 1

Win a Virtual Prenatal Class or Sleep Consult

Today marks MamaBear Holistic Care’s 1st Birthday 💙 MamaBear was created to help support Mamas-to-be and new Mamas adjust to their new role. It’s vital, now more than ever, that new Mamas get the support they need in order for both her and her baby to thrive. Babies don’t stop coming because of a Pandemic.…

Teaching baby to sleep

She wanted to sleep, but she didn’t know how

Does this sound familiar? She wanted to sleep, she just didn’t know how. Babies need to learn how to sleep. Some learn more quickly than others, but every baby/child needs to be taught the skills to help them fall asleep without needing to cuddle with you, breast/bottle feed or co-sleep.⠀ The biggest challenge Mamas face…


Demystifying CPR

When people hear about CPR, AED’s and First Aid, they get very overwhelmed. They think it’s very complicated and are worried about messing up or forgetting what to do. ⠀ Here’s the thing, they have international committees that review the information and techniques every 5 years. They do this to ensure the information and techniques…

Prenatal class

Prenatal Class FAQ

In light of the Coronavirus, it is now more important than ever that mamas-to-be get proper and reliable information about what to expect and how to best prepare. Are you expecting in 2020? Here are some common questions expecting Mamas have about Prenatal classes:⠀ Who should take a Prenatal class? When should I take a…


Breastfeeding: Everyone’s journey is different

Breastfeeding. It can be a very triggering word. If you don’t breastfeed, then you’re judged. If you breastfeeding for over a year, you’re judged. You can’t win. There’s so much societal pressure placed on Mamas! It’s amazing how much weight there is in a word. For some breastfeeding is the best part of their journey…

Virtual CPR Workshop

Virtual CPR & Choking Workshop

Mamas, did you know…⠀ Every year, 35,000 cardiac arrests occur in Canada. Choking is the 4th leading cause of unintentional death in children under the age of 5.⠀ Choking is responsible for almost 40% of unintentional injuries in infants under the age of one.⠀ The most common cause of nonfatal choking in young children is…

Supporting New Parents

Supporting New Parents (especially during the Coronavirus)

Being a new parent is hard under normal circumstances but now with this Pandemic, it’s even more difficult, scary and isolating. With us all self-isolating, the risk of Postpartum Depression increases No more visits to meet the newborn No more grandparents snuggling the baby No baby showers no one helping with laundry, dinner Even though…