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Good latch

How to tell if your baby has a good latch

Signs your baby has a good latch Breastfeeding is very much a skill that both you and baby need to learn and master. Many Mamas struggle with pain or with breastfeeding issues because they don’t know what they don’t know. They think that it’s normal.   They don’t know that pain isn’t normal, that it…

Increasing milk supply

How to increase low milk supply

⭐️ Increasing your milk supply ⭐️ This is the number one question I get asked from breastfeeding Mamas❗️ One of the biggest challenges a new Mama will face is building up her milk supply. What Mamas don’t realize is that it is a process and that it takes time and that every breastfeeding experience will…

Bridgett Miller- Conscious parenting

-Giveaway- Bridgett Miller’s Book: “What young children need you to know…”

⭐️ GIVEAWAY ⭐️ I had the pleasure of meeting Bridgett Miller last year and she recently released an amazing, enlightening, honest book about parenting, called: “What young children need you to know: how to see them so you know what to do for them” 💙 If you’ve read or follow Dr. Shefali, Bridgett’s work is…

Summer sleep tips Blog

Sleep tips to cope with hot summer nights

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all sleep like this baby during the hot summer? We all look forward to summer arriving, however what we don’t enjoy are the sweltering nights where we can’t sleep. The hot nights are especially challenging for our kids, and any time their sleep is affected, so is ours!!!…

Teaching baby to sleep

Sleep training is about developing new habits

Research tells us that it takes 21 days to establish new habits.⠀ It’s the same with babies learning how to sleep. We expect them to learn overnight a brand new skill, and that’s unrealistic. We can’t expect them to learn new habits overnight, when it takes us on average 21 days to establish a new…

Staying hydrated in Summer

Staying hydrated in Summer

☀️ Let’s talk about staying hydrated during hot Summer days ☀️ Most of us do a very poor job of drinking enough water on a normal day, let alone on a hot day. Being dehydrated can especially impact pregnant and breastfeeding Mamas. Why? For pregnant Mamas, being dehydrated can cause you to feel tightenings or…

Car Seat Safety and Summer

Car Seat Safety & Summer

☀️ Car Seat safety and Summer ☀️⠀ Did you know that:⠀⠀➡️ within 20 min the temperature in a previously air-conditioned car can exceed 50ºC⠀➡️ within 40 min the temperature can get up to 65.5 ºC⠀ Read below as I share some safety tips on how to keep your baby/child cool and safe during the hot…

Breastfeeding a baby with a tongue-tie

Breastfeeding a baby with a tongue-tie

What is a tongue-tie? A tongue-tie is where the tissue that connects your tongue to bottom of the mouth is short, tight or thick. This can cause your baby’s tongue to have difficulties moving and can cause challenges for breastfeeding. Although, not every baby that has a tongue-tie has issues breastfeeding. Things to keep an…

Troubleshooting sleep issues

Troubleshooting sleep issues in newborns

There are many factors that can affect a baby’s quality of sleep. ⠀ The 2 most common ones that Mamas find affect their babies the most are:⠀ 1 Strong startle reflex 2 Hand sucking Some babies have a very strong startle reflex. It’s so strong that it will actually wake them up or keep them…