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Car Seat Safety and Summer

Car Seat Safety & Summer

☀️ Car Seat safety and Summer ☀️⠀ Did you know that:⠀⠀➡️ within 20 min the temperature in a previously air-conditioned car can exceed 50ºC⠀➡️ within 40 min the temperature can get up to 65.5 ºC⠀ Read below as I share some safety tips on how to keep your baby/child cool and safe during the hot…

Breastfeeding a baby with a tongue-tie

Breastfeeding a baby with a tongue-tie

What is a tongue-tie? A tongue-tie is where the tissue that connects your tongue to bottom of the mouth is short, tight or thick. This can cause your baby’s tongue to have difficulties moving and can cause challenges for breastfeeding. Although, not every baby that has a tongue-tie has issues breastfeeding. Things to keep an…

Troubleshooting sleep issues

Troubleshooting sleep issues in newborns

There are many factors that can affect a baby’s quality of sleep. ⠀ The 2 most common ones that Mamas find affect their babies the most are:⠀ 1 Strong startle reflex 2 Hand sucking Some babies have a very strong startle reflex. It’s so strong that it will actually wake them up or keep them…

Introducing a lovie

Introducing a Lovie

What is a lovie? A lovie is a stuffy or blanket that your child uses to give them comfort ❤️⠀ When is it safe to introduce a lovie?⠀ When they are able to roll over. This way if the lovie ends up covering their face, they have the strength to push it off of themselves.⠀…

Diaper Bag essentials

Top 5 Diaper Bag Essentials

Diaper Bag Essentials ❤️⠀ Back when my son was a baby, I used a bag from Lululemon. It had compartments, easy to clean fabric and it wasn’t too big. When choosing a diaper bag, you want one that works for you and your lifestyle. I know a lot of Mamas like the backpack style. You…

Nutrition in pregnancy

Nutrition in Pregnancy

Nutrition in pregnancy. It can be confusing to know how much you should be eating. Remember the old saying: “You’re eating for 2”. It’s not true. You aren’t eating for 2, you are eating for 1, yourself, and your baby gets the nutrients from that.⠀ A few things to keep in mind:⠀ Some Mamas will…

Filling our children's cup

Filling our Children’s cup

A few months ago I saw a post on Facebook about giving our kids a mental break. The Mama shared that her son had had a rough day at school and they were talking and she could see that his eyes were pleading with her to just stop. She was questioning him and trying to…

MamaBear turns 1

Win a Virtual Prenatal Class or Sleep Consult

Today marks MamaBear Holistic Care’s 1st Birthday 💙 MamaBear was created to help support Mamas-to-be and new Mamas adjust to their new role. It’s vital, now more than ever, that new Mamas get the support they need in order for both her and her baby to thrive. Babies don’t stop coming because of a Pandemic.…

Teaching baby to sleep

She wanted to sleep, but she didn’t know how

Does this sound familiar? She wanted to sleep, she just didn’t know how. Babies need to learn how to sleep. Some learn more quickly than others, but every baby/child needs to be taught the skills to help them fall asleep without needing to cuddle with you, breast/bottle feed or co-sleep.⠀ The biggest challenge Mamas face…