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What to do if your latch hurts

What to do when baby’s latch hurts

Latch hurts? Nipple pain is one of the most common complaints from new mamas. It is very normal for them to be sore as you get comfortable with breastfeeding and your nipples adjust to their new role. When I work with new mamas for a breastfeeding consult, I describe nipple pain and latches that hurt…

Sleep Tips Time Change

Infant & Toddler Sleep Tips for the Time Change

Any time you lose sleep is not good, especially when it involves your baby/child losing sleep. The beginning and end of Daylight Savings is the bane of every parent’s existence!!! Check out my appearance on Global Morning News where I discuss tips and tricks to help your baby/child adjust to the time change easier: Good…

Sleep is important for your health as a mom

Sleep & Your Well-Being as a Mama

As Mamas, we know that some sleep deprivation comes with the territory. However, have you ever wondered what its impact is on your well-being? What can you do? The research on sleep, depression and motherhood: Studies show that Mamas that aren’t sleeping are 3 times more likely to develop postpartum depression/depression. The worse their quality…

newborn cluster feeding what to do

Cluster Feeding: When Baby Wants to Eat ALL THE TIME

Cluster feeding is like pouring salt into a wound! You are already exhausted from labour, delivery and trying to adjust to your new role and all of a sudden all your baby wants to do is eat. It can be very frustrating and you start to question whether there is something wrong. There is absolutely…