Breastfeeding is one of the hardest skills that a new Mama will face. It's not like how they show it on TV. Breastfeeding is a learned skill that takes time for both you and your baby to learn. My breastfeeding support services are designed to help you feel supported, safe, and confident. I am here to guide you every step of the way.



Your milk doesn’t come in right away, and even when it does it can take time to build up your supply. It can be overwhelming to know when to feed your baby, for how long and how to know if your baby is getting enough milk. Breastfeeding is a learned skill by both you and baby, and I'm here to help!

Every Mama's breastfeeding journey is different and my job is to support you in your journey.

As a lactation counsellor, I have over 15 years of experience helping Mamas establish breastfeeding and troubleshoot problems. It’s about empowering you so that you have the skills and confidence needed to successfully breastfeed your baby. My role is to support you in whatever works best for you in your breastfeeding journey.

Which breastfeeding support option is right for me?

Select one of my breastfeeding support options below, or package this together with another one of my prenatal and postpartum support services listed below. Looking for complete support? Be sure to check out the Complete MamaBear Package.

This is my most popular package for expectant and new parents who want a strong start to their postpartum recovery, baby care skills and healthy breastfeeding.  It includes:

  • Preparing for Baby session in your 3rd trimester
  • Initial breastfeeding consult in your first week home with baby
  • 2 additional in-home visits postpartum (breastfeeding, baby care, postpartum healing)
  • Email support for 8 weeks postpartum

Investment: $497


The PREPARING FOR BABY session is a one-hour home visit, perfect between 32 - 40 weeks of pregnancy. We discuss how you can best prepare for a healthy start to breastfeeding.

Investment: $100


Are you in your first weeks postpartum? This 90 minute POSTPARTUM HOME VISIT is best done within the first week, but can be done anytime you have concerns. I assess baby's latch, review breastfeeding basics, and answer your questions/concerns. You will also receive follow-up email support for 1 week.

Investment: $150

ADD-ON: Extra phone support ($75 for 40 mins)


The FOLLOW-UP HOME VISIT is a 60 minute consultation designed to ensure good progress and troubleshoot any further problems or concerns you may have.

Investment: $100

ADD-ON: Extra phone support ($75 for 40 mins)


Prefer to do our consultation virtually, or live outside of Metro Vancouver? No problem. My VIRTUAL BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT session offers you a 40 minute consultation by phone or Telehealth allowing me to troubleshoot any questions or concerns you have about feeding your baby.

Investment: $75


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need support? Won’t the baby just latch when he/she is hungry?

Unfortunately not always and even if they do, it can be hard sometimes to know whether or not their latch is good. Having the extra support will ensure your baby is latching well, give you confidence and ensure your baby is gaining weight.

I’ve heard that my milk won’t come in right away? Won’t my baby starve?

Yes, your milk won’t be in right away, but no your baby won’t starve. For the first few days, your body makes what’s called Colostrum. That’s the liquid gold that every Mama talks about.

How long does it take my milk to come in?

It can take anywhere from 3-7 days for it to come in and even once it comes in, it can take a few more weeks to get your milk supply up.


How big is my baby’s stomach?

Your baby’s stomach is only the size of a marble, about 5 mls, so they don’t need a lot initially.


Do I need to supplement my baby right away?

No you don’t. For the first 24 hrs, it is recommended to do lots of skin to skin with baby and to have many attempts at the breast. Your baby will be weighed after 24 hrs and depending on their weight loss, amount of wet and dirty diapers, that will affect what the plan is. Sometimes it is necessary to supplement, but not always. Talk to your nurse about any concerns you have.

Is it ok to give my baby a soother?

It is recommended that you wait until breastfeeding has been established before introducing a soother. You want to make sure that you know what your baby’s hunger cues are.

How often should I be feeding my baby?

You should be feeding your baby at least every 3 hrs, especially in the middle of the night, when your milk supply is at its highest. With that said, it is important that you wake your baby to feed them. Your body makes milk very similarly to how the economy works. The more the demand, the more the supply, so the more the baby goes go the breast, the more milk your body will make.


What are signs that my baby is hungry?
  • Crying
  • Rooting
  • Putting their hands in their mouths
  • Sticking their tongue out
  • Looking for the nipple


How do I know if my baby is getting enough milk?
What is cluster feeding?

Around the second night you’ll notice that you’ve just finished feeding your baby and put them down in the bassinet, and then 20 mins later, they are wide awake, hungry, looking to be fed again. This can continue all night, for what seems like forever and then all of a sudden they not only fall asleep but stay asleep. This is normal. They are trying to bring in your milk, not to torture you. This will pass, but you will notice that this will happen around a growth spurt 3, 6, 9 weeks, and then at 3, 6, 9 months. Because they are having a growth spurt, they need more milk, so they are telling your brain to make more milk by feeding more often.


How long can I safely store breast milk for?

> Download my free guide to SAFE STORAGE OF BREASTMILK