My experience as an RN has shown me that you need even more support in the 4th trimester than in the first 3. We forget that there are actually 4 trimesters. The 4th one being the first 3 months after your baby is born. So many Mamas struggle, alone, with breastfeeding, baby not sleeping, maternal well-being and adjusting to your new role.

Postpartum Support


It doesn't have to be this way. Support is available!!! As an added bonus, all my postpartum support is provided in your home and you have the option of email support, so you don't have to struggle all alone.

Mamas that get extra support in the postpartum period have a lower incidence of developing postpartum depression.

When our grandmothers and mothers had babies, they had a whole community of other mamas to help them. That “village” no longer exists and many new mamas find themselves alone, frustrated and overwhelmed in their new role. Receiving postpartum support from me feels like you have a “village”, giving you confidence and support in your new role.

Which postpartum support option is the best option for me?

Select one of my postpartum options below or package this together with another one of my prenatal support services listed below. Looking for complete support? Be sure to check out the Complete MamaBear Package.

My 2 visit MamaBear support for Mama in the postpartum period (0-3 months) includes:

  • Assess maternal wellbeing
  • Help Mama in her new role
  • Help establish breastfeeding
  • In home visit for breastfeeding support within the first week
  • 2nd in home visits to support you with any questions/concerns you have (includes discussing setting up healthy sleep habits for your baby)
  • Email support for the first 6 weeks

Investment: $350


Frequently Asked Questions

Won’t I get support from Public Health?

In many cities, the public health RN will call you at home, but unless there are serious issues, they won’t make a visit to your home.

Won’t I get support from my family doctor?

Your family doctor is amazing but they don’t make house calls and they don’t have the experience with breastfeeding, which is primarily what new Mamas need support with. The bonus is that I come to your home. You don’t have to pack your baby up and make the trek to your doctor’s office.

What if I don’t need support with breastfeeding, but I have other concerns?

I can help you with any concerns you have. The idea is that my care involves any issues that come up: bathing your baby, safe sleep for your baby, setting your baby’s sleep environment, how to safely swaddle your baby. I also look at how you’re feeling Mama and look at ways to support your wellbeing. It’s not just about the baby, it’s about how I can help you adjust to your new role easier.

What if I’m not breastfeeding but pumping, can you support me?

My care involves educating you and supporting you with whatever questions/concerns you have.