When I was a new mom, I thought that when my son was tired, he would simply sleep! What I realized is that when it comes to your baby sleeping, it's about setting up healthy sleep habits and learning how your baby sleeps. It's about setting up a sleep environment that allows them to listen to their body and sleep.

Sleep Consultant


Nobody sleeping is NOT the way it has to be! Normalizing sleep deprivation is not a healthy way for a family to exist. It’s about working with you and your baby/child to lay the foundation for healthy sleep habits, allowing the entire family to get good quality sleep.

We want to create healthy sleep habits for your baby/toddler!

Imagine what it would feel like to have a good night sleep! You wouldn’t feel groggy in the morning; you would have more energy and patience; you would be able to function better the next day. Imagine being able to watch a show on Netflix, have an interrupted bath or better yet time with your partner?

This is what it will feel like once we’ve worked together to help your baby/child sleep. You will get your life back!!!! 

What support do I offer?


I have a 2 options for sleep support: ABC's of Sleep E-book and Basic Sleep Support. With both of these options, you will learn how your baby/toddler sleeps; what their sleep cues are; what is the age appropriate awake window; creating the ideal sleep environment; establishing a bedtime routine; establishing effective feeds and establishing boundaries around bedtime and nap time. For more information on these options, keep reading.

Working with me, a Registered Nurse, is a holistic way of teaching your baby/child healthy sleep habits that will carry them through developmental milestones, travel, time change, and illness.


Which sleep support option is right for me?

Select one of my sleep support options below, or package this together with another one of my prenatal and postpartum support services listed below. Looking for complete support? Be sure to check out the Complete MamaBear Package.

The ABC's of Sleep (newborn – 3 yrs old) is designed for parents looking for basic tools to lay the foundation for healthy sleep habits. Just like any other skill, babies need to learn how to sleep. For some babies it comes easier than it does for others. This 51 page e-book will give you all the tools you need to teach your baby/toddler how to sleep without sleep training.

You will learn:

  • how your baby/toddler sleeps
  • what their sleep cues are
  • what is their age appropriate awake window
  • how to create the ideal sleep environment
  • how to establish a bedtime routine
  • how to establish effective feeds
  • how to establish boundaries around bedtime and nap time

In this E-book, you will also learn:

  • how to keep their sleep on track when you travel
  • how to support their sleep when they are sick
  • how to deal with the time change
  • when to transition down in naps
  • when to move your child into a bed

Through these tools, you will find that magic sweet spot where you baby/toddler will:

  • take age appropriate naps
  • fall asleep independently
  • connect their sleep cycles
  • fall asleep 5-10 minutes after you put them to bed

Investment: $45 +tax


The BASIC SLEEP SUPPORT program (newborn - 3 yrs) is designed for parents looking for basic tools to lay the foundation for healthy sleep habits.


  • 90 min In home/Virtual visit
  • Review your baby's/child's sleep habits and sleep environment
  • Learn how your baby/child sleeps, including age appropriate awake windows
  • Learn how to identify their sleep cues and find that magic window for sleep
  • Address your questions/concerns
  • ABC's of Sleep E-book 

Investment: $225 +tax

ADD-ON: Follow-up 30 min phone call $50


Frequently Asked Questions

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